A celebration of all things design, architecture and interior.

We’re driven by telling the stories behind these houses; the people and narratives surrounding their design. From concept to creation, and how they lived in. We believe design is a powerful force for good so our passion lies in creating inspiring content that helps promote design as a machine to better our human existence.

Everhouse was founded in January 2021 by Jon Calleja and Ken Chircop, respectively a creative and a filmmaker. At Everhouse’s core is the belief that there will always be a place for great products, outstanding design and exquisite architecture.

Everhouse’s first foray into the world of curated content was the Everhouse Instagram account. The highly positive response cleared the way to pursue our second objective to create quality films showcasing local architectural and design talent. Since the launch of the YouTube channel, Everhouse has continued to grow its audience steadily on all platforms where it has a presence. We aim to be a complete media brand with video, audio, and print.

Our website, Everhouse.co, was launched in January 2022. This is where all our media is aggregated and serves as a hub for our multimedia channels like our films, which are shot and edited in-house.

We aim to stay loyal to our mission to provide quality, curated content and aspire to sell products that cater to our followers’ tastes, hand picked by us, and made by brands we believe in.